The Plan

The Plan of Him

Original Sin is independent self-hood.  Egoism, self-centredness, self-seeking and self-sufficiency is all original sin.  All other sins are mere expressions or manifestations of this original sin.  The nothing would be something, man would be God.  Lucifer went all the way in the sin of egoism.  Everything is in reverse; to him evil is good and good, evil.  He loves what should be hated and hates what should be loved.  He was the first to enter the forbidden realm of selfish selfhood; of self-filled rather than self-emptied self-hood, of independence rather than dependence, thus becoming the essence of sin.  Thus finding himself in God’s darkness, hate, anger and consuming fire.  

Eve was deceived by the Tempter

Eve was deceived by the Tempter and listened to his lies about God being tricked into thinking that to disobey God would be to her advantage.  Adam sinned under fleshly bondage to his wife.  They wanted the best of both worlds.  Theirs was the sin of the flesh rather than the spirit.  Therefore, the now children of the devil, partaking of his rebellious nature, but not yet redeemable and not finally fixed as devils. Which is why this is a groaning world.  

We as a result are bound by sin, sold under our lusts, slaves to egoism yet ever conscious of what we ought to be; challenged by highest ideals in personal and social life, yet never attaining them; and constantly pointing the finger at other people’s failures as a convenient cloak for our own.  God is fixed in good; the devil in evil; but man is in between, on the road of evil but with an ear still open to the good.  God foreknew the coming of evil into the universe.  

It all had its place

It all had its place in the plan of Him who ‘worketh all things’ and he had already made full provision for an outcome a million times more glorious than if there had never been a Satan or sin.  There would be no means of demonstrating the true character of love which lays down its life for its enemies, which overcomes evil with good.  

And in our own lives we know by scripture and by experience that it is our temptations which drive us into the cleft of the Rock, it is our sufferings which divorce us from the world and stabilise us in Christ: it is our frustrations and oppositions which give Him the opportunity to manifest His patience and love through us.  One day we shall find that Satan has been an agent in God’s unchanged, eternal purpose to crown His Son Lord of all and surround Him with the glorious inheritance of a redeemed humanity.  

Man has slipped into the quagmire of self-deceit

Man has slipped into the quagmire of self-deceit, deluding himself that he is a king.  So, he must re-learn that only One is King of kings and Lord of lords and He who as love, was Creator of all, must now, as love, be Re-Creator of lost mankind and bring him back by regeneration and re-education to the only relationship in which humanity can be true humanity.

                                Taken from The Deep Things of God by Norman Grubb

Submit to God (based on Job 22:21-30)

Make peace with God
Stop treating Him as you would a foe
If you do, then He will bless you;
Be with you wherever you go.
Accept the teaching God gives.
In your heart keep the words of His Son.
In humility put an end to all the evil
That in your house is done.
If you give up your lust for money
And throw away your gold you will be free
For then the Almighty shall be your treasure
Your precious silver He will be.
You will find He is the source of your joy;
You will trust Him and never be afraid.
When you pray, He will answer you
And you will keep the vows you made.
Whatever you plan shall prosper.
You shall live in sunshine all your days
For the Lord your God will cause
His light to shine on your ways.
God brings down the proud
And saves the humble in His sight.
He will deliver even those who are no innocent
If what you do is right.
This He will achieve
As you submit to His commands;
All will be delivered
Through the cleanness of your hands.

By the late Andrew Feakin (passed away 16th March 2019)

The restlessness that you feel is from the blowing of My Spirit.  I am making restless your heart that you may dig into the depths to uncover My treasures.  I am calling you deeper.  I am calling you higher.  To renew your mind in My word and thus renew your heart.  And from out of the heart your words, your actions will flow.  But it is I doing the unsettling.  For you have been one to cry out for the more of Me and for the deliverance from ‘this insanity’ that is in the world.  Because you have been called to so much more.  I am providing a way out. I am revealing the way forward.  Only trust in Me.  It shall not come too soon or too late.  But will be on time.  Be confident of this.  I began a good work in you and I will complete it.

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