God’s Great Salvation

Not one grain of our recreation in Christ is attributable to man any more than our creation was.  Man must learn and re-learn his eternal condition – not our past righteousness (non-existent), not our present works (wood, hay and stubble), not our future suitability (non-existent).  All is His.  His completed redemption.  His endless mercy and love.  None but a righteous God could be God, nothing but righteousness could be the foundation of His throne.  

The laws that may be broken, on which His creation is based (for truth and harmony), must have its penalties.  If it is a law.  If His eternal nature is to reward the good, He must also inevitably punish evil.  In no other way could He be righteous.  No mere forgiveness, could be a just forgiveness, unless it was grounded on full satisfaction for the wrongdoing.  

Our Redeemer provided a salvation with no loopholes

Our Redeemer provided a salvation with no loopholes.  In God’s great salvation, the Judge became the condemned criminal.  God’s Son disguised His deity in human flesh and ‘tasted death for every man’.  The Author and Sustainer of life yielded up His own life to receive in Himself the wages of the world’s sin.  Having been ‘delivered for our offenses’ He ‘was raised again for our justification’.  

The resurrection was God’s witness that he had accepted the sacrifice.  This was more than forgiveness.  This was as if we had never sinned.  God could now be just in justifying the believer in Jesus.  The sacrifice was settled in heaven before the sin that necessitated it had appeared in history.  It gives us our title to boldness of access to the holiest of all. The blood represents the uniqueness of that holy sacrifice.  The sacred offering of the Son to the Father.  

And because He accepts it, we can do likewise.  No sinner pleases the heart of God by remaining a penitent.  If repentance is sincere, let us not add sin to sin by failing to believe in the blood.  Nothing pleases the Father more than the faith of a sinner in the efficacy of the precious blood.

Taken from The Deep Things of God by Norman Grubb

The Great Leveller

No one was singled out for special favour
The Holy Spirit came for the common good.
No one was identified as being superior or inferior;
No distinctions were made based on blood
All places and persons are now equal;
All things of the past are no more
Faith in Christ Jesus as Saviour and Lord;
The Key that opens the door.
The barriers have come tumbling down,
New eyes are now seeing.
A new hierarchy of love
Has come into being.
Human blood is no longer important.
There is nothing that remains to be done
For we are now sons of the Father
Through the precious blood of His Son.
Oh God, My father
That I may truly see
All the truth there is in the giving
Of Your Holy Spirit to me.

By the late Andrew Feakin (passed away 16th March 2019)

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

Bring your confusions to Me.  Bring your questions and deliberations.  For I am your God and I am your loving heavenly Father.  When you put your trust in Me, you do not need to work out tomorrow and you can put behind you the past.  You can believe that I will lead you forward.  You have today.  A day in which to reflect on My glory and draw to Me those who will.  ‘Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.’  You are entering into a massive shift in your life.  I will compel your forward.  Do not be surprised by strange trials.  They are for the refining of your soul.  But be encouraged – your treasure will be stacked up in heaven.  And none shall take that away.  Keep Me fixed in your mind.  Allow no other distractions.  Let me satisfy you and bring you to completeness.  For I am your God and will not fail you.

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