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What on Earth have we done with the Teachings of Jesus? ~ Agree with each other ~

Previous blogs have covered the teachings of Christ (see the download here of, ‘What on earth have we done with the teachings of Jesus’). Continuing now through the topics of Christ’s teachings.  One of which is ‘Agree with each other’.

 When Two Agree
 I am the truth
 Every Word of Mine is true.
 Every promise of Mine
 Shall be fulfilled in you.
 First gathered together in My Name
 Bound by a common loyalty to Me
 Desirous only of doing My will
 To walk in perfect harmony.
 When this is so
 I am present too.
 A self-invited guest
 At one with you.
 I voice the same petition
 Making your demands Mine.
 Then it follows, the request is granted
 Of what glory Divine.
 But what perhaps man
 Has failed to realise.
 Is that behind My Words
 All truth lies.
 The pathways of My Kingdom
 Are truly blessed.
 When two agree about
 The wisdom of a request.
 Of what beauty I prepare
 When two or more agree
 And then pray together
 With the Father and Me.
 By the late Andrew Feakin (passed away 16th March 2019)

Jesus made a profound statement: ‘Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven’, Matthew 18:19.

When Jesus left earth He sent the Holy Spirit to empower His disciples to continue preaching and doing the things He had been doing. Jesus was saying here that in taking official authority in His absence 2 or 3 in leadership would have to agree.

There is a sublimity when two people agree. It brings harmony, peace and tranquillity. It builds up the relationship. Agreement is defined as a ‘harmony of opinion’ or ‘in one accord’. Disagreement on the other hand brings division and a breakdown of relationships.

The Apostle Paul made a similar plea to the church in Corinth in both letters, ‘I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment’, 1 Corinthians 1:10.

Finally, brothers, rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you, 2 Corinthians 13:11.

We need the wisdom of God

Whilst we are to aim for restoration, there may come a time when this is not possible. We need the wisdom from the Lord to know who we are to walk with and who we are to walk away from. This is especially true where there are differences relating to the doctrine of salvation. We need to be careful who we agree with and ensure that all that is purported lines up with the Word of God.

It can be very difficult at times. Yet we are directed to live at peace with one another, as far as is possible with us. When we are found to be in agreement with one another, then with it comes the promise of the presence of God. The God of love and peace.

Henry says – God is ready to answer the prayers of His people. (Matt. 18:19If two of you shall agree harmoniously, on anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them. In general this can be applied to all the requests of His faithful praying people. They shall not seek God’s face in vain. We have many promises in scripture of a gracious answer to the prayers of faith. Yet this gives particular encouragement to joint-prayers. There is no law of heaven that limits the number of petitioners.

Christ has been pleased to put a special honour upon the joint-prayers of the faithful. He allows a special efficacy in them. If they join in the same prayer and come together to the throne of grace on some special errand, God shall speed their request. God has a general regard to the prayers of the saints, yet He is particularly pleased with their union and communion in these prayers, See 2 Chron. 5:13, Acts 4:31.

It shall be done

In all our endeavours in our labours for the Lord, prayer must accompany them. The unanimous petitions from God’s people shall obtain the answer, “It shall be done.” It shall be bound and loosed in heaven. God will give His endorsement to the appeals and applications we make to Him.” If Christ say, “It shall be done,” we may be assured that it is done. Done, even though we do not see the effect in the way that we expect or in the time frame we expect.

God especially owns and accept us, when we are praying for those who have offended Him and us. The Lord turned around the captivity of Job, not when he prayed for himself, but when he prayed for his friends who had trespassed against him.

In this portion of scripture Christ assures us of His presence in the assembling of Christians, Matt. 18:20. Every believer has the presence of Christ with him, but the promise here refers to where two or three are gathered in His name. The assembling of Christians for holy purposes are here appointed, directed and encouraged.

It is the will of Christ that assemblies should be set up and kept up. This for the honour of God, the edification of men and the preserving of a face of religion upon the world. When God intends special answers to prayer, He calls for a solemn assembly, Joel 2:15, 16.

He is our way to the Father

We are directed to gather together in Christ’s name, come together in the name of Christ1 Cor. 5:4. That name gives an authority to what they do on earth. It gives acceptability in heaven. In meeting or worship, we must have an eye to Christ. We must come together in a token of our relation to Him, and profess our faith in Him. When we come together to worship God we must have a dependence upon the Spirit and the grace of Christ as Mediator for assistance. It is upon His merit and righteousness that we have acceptance. He gives us an actual regard to Him as our Way to the Father and our Advocate with the Father.

We are encouraged with an assurance of the presence of Christ. There am I in the midst of them. He is present in all places, as God. But this is a promise of His special presence. Where His saints are, His sanctuary is, and there He will dwell. It is His rest (Ps. 132:14) and it is His walk (Rev. 2:1). He is in the midst of them, to quicken and strengthen them, to refresh and comfort them, in their hearts.

In the midst of them

It is a spiritual presence, the presence of Christ’s Spirit with our spirit. There am I, not only I will be there, but I am there. It is as if He came first and is ready before them. They shall find Him there. He repeated this promise at His parting (Matt. 28:20), I am with you always. In the assembling of Christians, His presence is promised, and may in faith be prayed for and depended on. There am I. This is equivalent to the Shechinah, or the special presence of God in the tabernacle and temple of old, Exod. 40:34; 2 Chron. 5:14.

Even if only two or three meet together, Christ is among them. For it is the faith and sincere devotion of the worshippers, who invite the presence of Christ. Christ is the principal one among them and their meeting is as honourable and comfortable as if there were two or three thousand.

                                Adapted from the Matthew Henry Commentary

Prayer of Day

Prayer: Father I pray that as far as is possible I would be in agreement with Your people. Prompt us to come together in Your name, in the larger congregations and the small. Birth in us a holy desire to pray and to continue in prayer. Let us not get discouraged when we don’t see instant answers to our prayers. But pray believing that You are faithful to undertake for all that concerns us and You answer in Your way and in Your time. In the name of Christ I pray. Amen.

Agree with each other

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