Problem with Duality

The taking of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil destroyed for humanity the single consciousness of good and replaced it with the divided unconscious of two opposing forces.  Every known thing has a reverse side and is only known by contrast with its reverse side. Positive  Negative. Light  Dark. Male  Female. Bitter  Sweet. And on and on.  These pairs of opposites are no enemies but friends, each pair one unit.  Each necessary to the other but in the right proportion of each.  The mingling of sweet and non-sweet (bitter) in their varying proportions produces the varieties of taste.  

The shining of light on solid substances which are not-light (darkness) produces all the beauties of form and colour.  Positive thinking versus negative thinking makes all the decisions of life.  For if we say ‘yes’ to one line of action it is because we are saying no to all the others.  If we love a thing it is because we hate any other thing opposed to it.  But in all the infinite number of pairs of opposites, the positive is the dominant and the negative the dominated element.  God and man are in the same relationship.  He is the positive, we are the negative.  Joined to Him in rightful submission, we die to ourselves, say no to ourselves and in doing that His seed, which is Christ, is sown in us, formed in us and reproduced by us.  

Here the union is complete

Here the union is complete, symbolised in scripture, as the Head and body.  The bridegroom and bride relationship of Christ and His church.  But it is the freewill of angels and men which has turned the harmony into disharmony.  The negative has opposed the Positive, rivalled it and rebelled against it.  Created beings, angels or man should have been saying ‘we are the not-good, not-God, not-light, not-wise.’  Knowing that we are the negatives, we delight to be filled with the One who is the Positive, the Good, the Wisdom, the Light and that in and through our ‘not-fullness’ He will manifest His fullness.  We receive and reproduce His all-ness, his beloved Son, through our nothingness.  

His Yes to all love

Instead the created has been changed into a harmful, virulent, active positive rebel.  This has necessitated God’s declared and manifested ‘no’ to all that is the active opponent to Himself.  His Yes to all love, goodness and light – has necessitated his ‘no’ to this rival kingdom of evil to His created beings who instead of accepting their created condition of not-fullness to be filled by Himself, have changed themselves into self-loving selves.  Thus into the negative characteristics of not-good, not-love, not-light becoming positively evil and darkness.  

This ‘no’ of God is His necessary

This ‘no’ of God is His necessary hate of, and judgement on, all these perversions, the not-true, not-real, not-righteous and His hell for those who persist in their blind delusion that the false is a form of truth, and the darkness a form of light, and non-real a form of reality.  In this way division and opposition has arisen between the Creator and His created beings which has spread and infected all of creation.  That is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  We live in a divided world.

Taken from The Deep Things of God by Norman Grubb

How Good is a Timely Word (Prov 15:23)

Sometimes it takes just a little word
Perhaps when the battle is rife
To change the whole direction
Of a person's live

A timely word in season
Perhaps from some unlikely source
Can steer a man's heart
On a much more different course

It may seem to you and me 
To be so very odd
That rarely is a person curious enough
To want to know more of God.

Lord give us a word from Your lips
For this our longing hearts today 
That will convict us of our need
To walk in Your special way

By the late Andrew Feakin (passed away 16th March 2019)

Trust in Me.  It is I who is making the nest uncomfortable.  It is I giving you the desire to live the extraordinary life in Me.  I am paving the way and I will undertake in every way.  Be free from the fear of reprisal.  Be free from the fear of what others will think, feel or do.  Each must come to Me on their own.  And you shall be an example to others.  Each person has at their core the questions and dissatisfactions with their lot.  How do you now know that others will not follow your example?  So be of good cheer. You are on the road to freedom.  I am calling you forth to total deliverance.  Be resolute.  Trust in Me

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