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How to face these days without fear … Part 15

To face these days without fear we must look to our Maker

The portion of Scripture today concerns the city of Jerusalem. Here is a prophecy of the grievous distress they should shortly be brought into by Sennacherib’s invasion of the country and laying siege to the city, Isa. 22:1-7.  It is a rebuke given them for their misconduct in:—Not having an eye to God in their preservation and; Not humbling themselves under his mighty hand.

Isaiah 22:11 – You also made a reservoir between the two walls. For the water of the old pool.

But you did not look to its Maker, Nor did you have respect for Him who fashioned it long ago.

The people of Israel were now in a great fright, and in this fright they manifested … a great contempt of God’s goodness, and his power to help them. They made use of all the means they could think of for their own preservation; and it is not for doing this that they are blamed, but, in doing this, they did not acknowledge God.

How careful they were to improve all advantages that might contribute to their safety… They viewed the fortifications, the breaches of the city of David; they walked round the walls, and considered what course to take about them.

How regardless they were of God in all these preparations: But you have not looked unto the Maker thereof and of all the advantages which nature has furnished it (Jerusalem) with for its defence—the mountains round about it, and the rivers.

It is God that made His Jerusalem, and fashioned it long ago.  It is here charged upon them that they did not look to God. They fortified Jerusalem because it was a rich city and their own houses were in it, not because it was the holy city and God’s house was in it.

They did not depend upon him for a blessing upon their endeavours, saw no need of it… but thought their own powers and policies sufficient for them.

Yet five chapters earlier in the midst of judgment, mercy is remembered to Israel, and a gracious promise made that a remnant should be preserved from the calamities to come.

Isaiah 17:7 – In that day a man will look to his Maker, And his eyes will have respect for the Holy One of Israel. He will not look to the altars, The work of his hands; He will not respect what his fingers have made, Nor the wooden images nor the incense altars.

Adapted from the Matthew Henry commentary

We need to turn our eyes away from our own provision and the things that are made and look at the Maker Himself and honour Him.  To the man or woman who will look to his Maker, and with his eyes have respect for the Holy One of Israel. Then a promise is made that the ‘gleaning grapes will be left’ (Isa 17:6) for us.

What are the breaches in our own lives? What needs fortifying for the day of calamity that sure is to come? Our relationship to our God is paramount.  We need to look to our Maker and have respect for the Holy One of Israel.  The distress of today should awaken in us a desire to put right what is wrong. But to look not only to our own interests and our own self-preservation but to look more at God’s interest. What is He saying to us today? What does he want us to do? How can we be useful to Him?

Let’s be a people that sees that everything is, what God makes it to be; whatever use it is to us, we must look at Him that formed it, bless Him for it, and use it for Him. Let’s be a people that looks to God our Maker, trusting Him for our preservation and provision and choosing to humble ourselves under His mighty hand.

The Great Provider
You it is who try to limit Me
But you’re unable to decide,
What you think I can
Or indeed will provide.
My caring arms extend
Far beyond what you can see.
You are not able to imagine
How vast My provision can be.
Do not look for satisfaction
In man’s earth-bound schemes.
I have marvels I am waiting to unfold;
Wonders beyond your dreams.
Would you settle for what the world can offer?
Is your mind so incredibly small?
Do you not realise I am, the Great Provider
The Giver of all.
By the late Andrew Feakin (passed away 16th March 2019)

Prayer: Father forgive me for looking at things that have been created instead of You the Creator. Forgive me for my own self-preservation and selfish ambition.  Help me fix my eyes on You at all times. To not get distracted by the things of this world. Thank You for all Your promises to provide for me as I trust in You to meet all my needs. Help me seek first Your Kingdom and to know all things will be added unto me. In Jesus Name. AMEN.

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