The Apocalypse

Hollingworth Lake - river of life

22 Prt 1 The River of Life

The Apocalypse – Chapter 22 In this chapter we have a further description of the heavenly state of the church, Rev. 22:1-5. (The River of Life) To follow will be a confirmation of this and all the other visions of this book, Rev. 22:6-19. And finally the conclusion, Rev. 22:20, 21. The River and the Tree   Just one …

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Hollingworth lake, Sing to the Lord

19 Christ on a White Horse

The Apocalypse – Chapter 19 In this chapter we see a further account of the triumphant song of angels and saints for the fall of Babylon, Rev. 19:1-4. Then follows the marriage between Christ and His church proclaimed and perfected, Rev. 19:5-10. Another warlike expedition of the glorious head and husband of the church, with the success …

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Blackstone Edge Old Road - Justified by faith

20 The Great White Throne Judgment

The Apocalypse – Chapter 20 This chapter is probably the darkest part of all this prophecy. Here we have an account of the binding of Satan for a thousand years, Rev. 20:1-3. Followed by the reign of the saints with Christ for the same time, Rev. 20:4-6. After a thousand years Satan is loosed and then commences …

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Manchester city - come out from her

18 The Fall of Babylon the Great

The Apocalypse – Chapter 18 In this Chapter we have an angel proclaiming the fall of Babylon, Rev. 18:1, 2. He gives the reasons of her fall, Rev. 18:3. And gives warning to all who belonged to God to come out of her (Rev. 18:4, 5). They are to assist in her destruction, Rev. 18:6-8. There is a great lamentation …

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Manchester - He has overcome

The Great Whore and the Beast

The Apocalypse – Chapter 17 This chapter again concerns the wickedness and ruin of antichrist. This antichrist had been before represented as a beast, and is now described as a great whore. And here John the apostle is invited to see this vile woman, Rev. 17:1, 2. II. He tells us what an appearance she made, Rev. 17:3-6. …

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